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Do you want to rent a plane in Midland, Michigan? Well, this is the place! 

If you've flown with Rent a Plane Before, you can click the button below to reserve some time in our bird. Haven't flown with us yet? That's okay! You can click the Register button to set up an account. We'll hook you up and you'll be skyward in no time at all!

Cessna 172 - N4142L
$100/hr dry (Members pay less)

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Rent a Plane was developed to, well, let people rent an airplane in Midland, Michigan. We seek to offer great aircraft at reasonable prices, providing a great rental option for students and certificated pilots alike.


Located at (most of the time): 

Barstow Airport (KIKW)
2800 Airport Road
Midland, MI 48642


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