At Rent a Plane, we are working to provide renters with quality aircraft at affordable rates. In August, 2020 we purchased our first plane, N4142L. Built in 1966 by Cessna, 42L is a 172 Skyhawk with an excellent teal interior that you won't see in many other birds. We named her Irene, after the late grandmother of Rent a Plane's owner Dustin, as both are vintage beauties.




At the time of purchase, Irene only had 170 hours since major engine overhaul. This means that this bird is ready to fly for a long time, as she's also in great structural health. If you want to learn to fly in Mid-Michigan, there's no better rental plane that Irene. 

Irene Jermalowicz.jpg
42L Front Side.jpg
42L Rear.jpg
C172 2.jpg