Learn to Fly in Midland, Michigan

You may think that learning to fly is a complicated endeavor. You have to find an instructor, buy equipment, and find a plane to fly. At Rent a Plane, we're partnering with great flight instructors in Michigan to make learning to fly easy and fun. 

Our chief learning partner is Legacy Aviation. The owner of Legacy is Brandon Marks, a CFI whose day job is as an airline pilot, flying those big Boeing 737's you take to travel around. Brandon is a consummate professional, with more than 8,200 hours of flight time logged. He's friendly, approachable, and his knowledge will help you master the controls. 

We trust Brandon to teach in our planes, and in fact, Rent a Plane's owner Dustin has used him for his personal flight instruction!


Because we trust Legacy Aviation so much, students who book time with Rent a Plane as a Legacy student get $5 off their hourly rate (dry). Booking blocks of time is even better! Students who block 10 hours (dry) as a Legacy student can do so at a rate of $850, $100 less than a standard renter! ​

Reach out to Brandon today to schedule an introductory flight in Midland.